Experience...Business growth experts, empowering business owners to achieve their dreams for over 25 years

M.A. Birsinger & Company is a St. Louis, MO based full service business consulting and strategic planning firm. We are small and mid-size business growth experts, with over 25 years of experience. We understand the many real-world challenges and obstacles small business owners face on a daily basis. MAB&C has been recognized both locally and nationally for our small business experience, expertise and success.

As business advisors and business implementation specialists, we help our clients with practical real-world problem solving and good business decision making. We have a long track record of hands on experience, helping small and mid-size business owners solve critical business issues and make profitable decisions. We understand growth and success comes from true leadership, practical planning, smart decisions, team work, true accountability and a lot of long hours and hard work.

We will work with you to increase your revenue and profits through practical business growth strategies and sound business practices. We will help you get the most from your limited resources and make the most from your business and market opportunities.

But, what clearly sets us apart is when the plan is complete and the strategy is set, we will still be there to help you tactically implement and work your plan to greater ensure successful outcomes.

We have always been committed to community, as annually we proudly donate a minimum of 10% of our revenues to veteran's, children's and animal charities.

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