A successful business development program starts with a well developed plan, one that examines, addresses and measures all aspects of the challenge; situational analysis, S.W.O.T analysis, objectives, strategies, business channels, operational capabilities, staffing, budgets and reporting.

We pride ourselves in working closely with you to develop the right plan for you. MAB&C brings the vast experience of 30+ years and over 45 industries of small business development planning and the expertise to know that every company, marketplace and situation requirement is unique.

Once the plan is complete, one of the biggest reasons why many strategic initiatives fail is inadequate or improper implementation. Plan implementation is a vital component to a successful business change or improvement; without it there is no return on investment.

We have found that our small business clients’ success rate dramatically increases if we work with management to help oversee the implementation process and progression.

Our clients are our best sales people...we will be happy to introduce you.