M.A. Birsinger & Company offers time tested sales training, sales department assessments and sales management support services.

In business, you cannot measure lost opportunity. As small business owners, this is what keeps us up at night.

Our greatest focus is to work with you to get the most from your limited sales resources and make the most from all of your market opportunities.

In our experience, more times than not we find that our small business clients have not provided their sales people with the effective direction, support, tools and training to be their best. Without full organizational backing and support your revenue generators cannot produce as required.

You must have motivated, dedicated and productive sales people to be successful, much of the motivation and dedication comes from your ongoing commitment to their success. This symbiotic balance is vital to company profitability and the breakdown of it is responsible for loss of productivity, money and opportunity.   

We have over 25 years of successfully helping our small business clients address their sales concerns and seize their business opportunities.

Our clients are our best sales people...we will be happy to introduce you.