At M.A. Birsinger & Company, we have helped our diverse list of clients solve many difficult business-critical issues by meeting their needs with sound business solutions, logical and practical problem solving and 25 years of hands-on experience.

Here Are a Few of Our Client Success Stories

Start-up/Business Growth

MAB&C played a significant role in guiding a start-up electrical products manufacturer create and patent 14 new products, develop a strategic growth plan, gain distribution in over 60 retail stores and commercial distributors, exceed revenue and profit expectations and ultimately sell the company for more than $20 million dollars.

Operational Improvement

A struggling commercial pharmacy had critical operational efficiency issues, putting their profits and client relationships in jeopardy. MAB&C was referred by a business associate to evaluate and provide corrective measures. MAB&C performed a complete evaluation of the operation, purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory control and accounting. Many troubling issues were identified in several aspects of the business. These issues were corrected, replaced by practical best practices and in short order the profits and cash flow were restored and 3 new clients were added.

Sales Management

An innovative high-end electronics aftermarket reseller was having huge sales issues due to poor effort and personnel. MAB&C was called into assess the current sales personnel, marketplace, pricing and to develop a new sales and marketing strategy to improve client retention and to secure new dealers. We went right to work calling many of the client’s dealers, evaluating sales people, assessing the sales and marketing strategy to get a handle on the current situation.

We worked with the client to overhaul the sales operation, pricing and sales strategy. Sales increased over 30% in the next 6 months and continued to grow long term.

Strategic Development/Business Model Improvement

A 30 year old medical equipment manufacturer needed some new life injected into an aging product line and dated sales and marketing strategy. MAB&C was called in to assess the marketplace, review possible new markets and the overall business strategy/model. Over the course of 16 months we worked with ownership to modernize the entire product line based on marketplace needs, created 6 new products and developed a new more profitable business model. These new improvements exceeded ownerships expectations and long term goals.

Measureable Internet Marketing Success

We have successfully helped over 200 clients over the past 9 plus years build awareness and generate real sales directly for their website and internet marketing strategies. We have dozens of quantifiable case study examples of our clients increasing the sales, building online awareness of their products and services as well as driving new targeted leads to the sales people.